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Dental 3D printing: How Technology is Changing Dentistry

The medical applications of 3D printing technology are widening every day with an increasing number of people becoming careful about their dental health. How 3D printing can help healthcare became even more popular when people realised how 3D printing was helping fight Covid-19.

Digital dentistry is about half a century old, around 1971. It started out with computer-based analysis and slowly began offering insights to doctors for diagnosis and surgery. Today, the FDA uses Research, Regulate and Resource – known as the 3 R’s of 3D printing – to better define their role of the regulatory agency. 

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Marketing automation tools COMPARISON

Marketing automation tools have become both popular and indispensable. Because nearly all businesses use some martech or the other, there has been a huge rise in the number of such tools and services.

As a result, it becomes necessary to closely understand which of the tools suits the needs of your business the best. For instance, you want to see how they’d help you comply with the latest data privacy judgements, like the Schrems II ruling.

Let’s take a look and see how we can best compare marketing automation tools.

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Kris gopalakrishnan draft report RECOMMENDATIONS EXPLAINED

The Gopalakrishnan Committee, setup by the Indian government on non-Personal Data Governance Framework, submitted its draft report in July 2020.

The draft report of the committee that’s headed by chairman Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder Infosys proposed setting up a dedicated authority that would ensure non-personal data would be used for sovereign and commercial purposes.

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10 ways AI is changing the world of sports

The use of artificial intelligence in sports isn’t a major surprise, given the advancement in technology. Rise in computing power, availability of massive amount of data and an increased willingness of stakeholders to leverage such tools are the three principal reasons why the role of artificial intelligence in sports has gained a lot more importance recently.

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Artificial intelligence in Indian agriculture

To some, innovation in farming in India has already arrived in form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To others, AI applications in the agricultural industry in India appear superfluous and primitive, and likely carry limited potential at best.

In India, modern technology in agriculture, often written as Agtech or Agritech, represents hope. That’s because traditional farming practices often fall sadly short when facing challenges like changing climate conditions and global warming.

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