How 3d Printing Is Helping Fight Coronavirus Despite All Odds

3D Printing is re-inventing itself by trying to meet the acute shortage of medical devices, objects and even quarantine rooms

As we sit down to write how 3D printing is fighting against Coronavirus, the officially confirmed cases of Coronovirus disease worldwide are over to 2.46 MN with over 165,000 deaths.

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How modern technology in pharmaceutical industry will make an impact

When you hear technology in pharmaceutical industry, what’s your first thoughts? Probably chemicals, labs and large machines.

That’s no longer the case. Some time back, Amazon and two other companies started off a healthcare startup Haven. Technology is strongly helping the pharma industry. Read more about the 5 ways pharmaceutical industry is using technology:

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9 ways AI is changing the world of sports

The use of artificial intelligence in sports isn’t a major surprise, given the advancement in technology. Rise in computing power, availability of massive amount of data and an increased willingness of stakeholders to leverage such tools are the three principal reasons why the role of artificial intelligence in sports has gained a lot more importance recently.

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Artificial intelligence in Indian agriculture

To some, innovation in farming in India has already arrived in form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To others, AI applications in the agricultural industry in India appear superfluous and primitive, and likely carry limited potential at best.

In India, modern technology in agriculture, often written as Agtech or Agritech, represents hope. That’s because traditional farming practices often fall sadly short when facing challenges like changing climate conditions and global warming.

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China experiments with AI in education

China has been putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to use for a number of reasons, like using AI for a social credit score. However, a Chinese company, Squirrel AI learning, is taking AI into a different sphere: education.

As covered by MIT Technology Review and Futurism, Squirrel AI is spearheading AI-enabled education in China. If you think Squirrel is your typical small start-up, it is anything but.

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Top AI companies of China

The names of top AI companies of China aren’t that well-known though the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) crops up in every other technology conversation.

Despite their ground-breaking, and sometimes controversial, work that they do, top AI startups and companies in China aren’t as well-known to the common man as say, Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Baidu or IBM.

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6 Challenges to data privacy

You must have heard of everyone complaining about the lack of data privacy and the information security challenges. Search engines, social media platforms, gaming apps… you name it, they access your data, one way or the other.

Aside from a handful of sites like Duck Duck Go, there aren’t too many examples where your actions aren’t being tracked. Looks like nothing you do is really secret.

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11 reasons why Europe could win the AI war

Ask any expert about where Europe stands in the race to dominate Artificial Intelligence (AI) globally. Chances are, they’ll tell you the real competition is between China and the US; Europe isn’t even close to winning the bronze medal, as Kai-fu Lee said in an interview.

Lee isn’t alone. Many observers and experts, both inside Europe and beyond, believe Europe has missed the AI bus. There’s nothing to suggest Europe is a serious contender for the winner’s throne in AI.

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