19 things that tell you everything you must know about IBM’s Public Debater

IBM recently pitted its Artificial Intelligence powered Public Debater against debaters. The debates generated a lot of interest and debate. In the past one year or so, there has been a considerable debate on whether AI will rob jobs. Even as there seems

Robocalls company of Adrian Abramovich asked to pay a fine of US dollar 120 million

Robocalls and Adrian Abramovich were in the news recently, for all the wrong reasons. What are robocalls? Robocalls are pre-recorded calls made by an automated system to people, who likely never solicited these calls. Typically used during political campaigns, robocalls have recently garnered a lot of criticism and irritation – and possibly hatred –

Facebook Cambridge Analytica case fully explained

Ever wondered what is Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal all about? Do you want to know everything about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach? As we enter the age when GDPR is going to keep intruding companies in check, this case of data privacy breach is surely something you’d want to learn about. How about an […]

5 most important questions at the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearing

We’ve put together 5 top questions asked during the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearing and explain the significance of each question or remark by the officials. The questions asked and the answers given by Mark Zuckerberg during his hearing by the US Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committees

Forced technology transfer and Made in China 2025: An introduction

Lately there have been lots of discussions on forced technology transfer and the Made in China 2025 policy. Experts have been battling over whether China is using any arm-twisting techniques China to protect and promote its domestic businesses, with little or no respect to the WTO