Fake Twitter accounts being deleted in millions

Twitter is removing millions of fake Twitter accounts that have bloated the follower base of celebrities and wanna-be celebrities the world over.

With this, Twitter is now in the company of major digital platforms that are battling fake accounts, bot-generated reviews, purchased endorsements or puffed-up video view counts. Continue reading “Fake Twitter accounts being deleted in millions”

Robocalls company of Adrian Abramovich asked to pay a fine of US dollar 120 million

Robocalls and Adrian Abramovich were in the news recently, for all the wrong reasons.

What are robocalls?

Robocalls are pre-recorded calls made by an automated system to people, who likely never solicited these calls.

Typically used during political campaigns, robocalls have recently garnered a lot of criticism and irritation – and possibly hatred – Continue reading “Robocalls company of Adrian Abramovich asked to pay a fine of US dollar 120 million”

Technology in fashion industry and how it is shaping the future

The use of technology in fashion industry is something that hasn’t been discussed as excitedly as, say, tourism or online retail. That’s because like medicine, diagnosis and surgery, the fashion industry’s offerings are highly personalized and Continue reading “Technology in fashion industry and how it is shaping the future”

Facebook Cambridge Analytica case fully explained

Ever wondered what is Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal all about? Do you want to know everything about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach?

As we enter the age when GDPR is going to keep intruding companies in check, this case of data privacy breach is surely something you’d want to learn about.

How about an infographic that summarizes everything?

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Infographic

The infographic below will explain the Facebook Cambridge Analytica case personal data breach. Continue reading “Facebook Cambridge Analytica case fully explained”