Technology in fashion industry and how it is shaping the future

The use of technology in fashion industry is something that hasn’t been discussed as excitedly as, say, tourism or online retail. That’s because like medicine, diagnosis and surgery, the fashion industry’s offerings are highly personalized and Continue reading “Technology in fashion industry and how it is shaping the future”

Facebook Cambridge Analytica case fully explained

Ever wondered what is Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal all about? Do you want to know everything about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook data breach?

As we enter the age when GDPR is going to keep intruding companies in check, this case of data privacy breach is surely something you’d want to learn about.

How about an infographic that summarizes everything?

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Infographic

The infographic below will explain the Facebook Cambridge Analytica case personal data breach. Continue reading “Facebook Cambridge Analytica case fully explained”

5 most important questions at the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearing

We’ve put together 5 top questions asked during the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearing and explain the significance of each question or remark by the officials.

The questions asked and the answers given by Mark Zuckerberg during his hearing by the US Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committees Continue reading “5 most important questions at the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearing”

Forced technology transfer and Made in China 2025: An introduction

Lately there have been lots of discussions on forced technology transfer and the Made in China 2025 policy. Experts have been battling over whether China is using any arm-twisting techniques China to protect and promote its domestic businesses, with little or no respect to the WTO Continue reading “Forced technology transfer and Made in China 2025: An introduction”

All you need to know about GDPR with definitions and examples

As May 2018 comes close, everybody is talking about the GDPR. What is the GDPR? What are the various definitions under the GDPR? How does the GDPR apply?

These, and many more questions, may also be puzzling you. This post will help you understand the GDPR much more clearly. This post also explains the definitions under the GDPR with examples. Continue reading “All you need to know about GDPR with definitions and examples”

Top marketing automation tools 2018

What would you expect from top marketing automation tools? How exactly would you rank marketing automation software available today? And even if you found some top-rated marketing automation software, what criteria would you use to figure out if which of them suited your business?

When Harvard Business Review, in 2014, rated marketing automation as one of the top 7 technologies for companies to use, it wasn’t a case of misplaced enthusiasm. Marketing automation tools have most certainly lived upto their fame; the level of sophistication, insights and speed Continue reading “Top marketing automation tools 2018”

Email marketing trends 2018 and the 3 key dimensions

Isn’t it too late to discuss what are the key elements of email marketing trends 2018 at the fag-end of March?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because a large number of posts elsewhere have analyzed trends in email marketing in 2018 threadbare by now, many of them as early as September 2017.

No, because the newer regulations like the GDPR looms close by, and no discussion on email marketing and automation predictions for 2018 Continue reading “Email marketing trends 2018 and the 3 key dimensions”