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Top female influencers in tech sales and what you can learn from them

Sales as a career has never been easy, so you can imagine how difficult it is to be a female influencers in sales. Marketing and sales have always been considered tough jobs.  

Tech sales influencers are influencers because of their proven track record and what relatable wisdom they have brought to the profession. This post puts together a list of top 5 females influencers in tech sales and why we think they matter.

The names appear in no particular order.

Sales Influencer Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova is important for us for the clarity and precision she brings. She has the ability to pinpoint the changes that lie ahead of tech sales.

Companies Tiffany is associated with: Salesforce

Why she’s big deal: 

She’s a big fan of redefining the entire sales model. As one of the top tech sales female influencers, Tiffani rightly points out that the old sales model that worked earlier is unlikely to work again. Understanding the way cloud impacts us and deciphering by using research the new buying behavior are the two things she wants us to stress about.

Super Quote:

Whether it’s the Nexus of forces which is social mobile cloud and information or whether it’s the new buying behaviors of a tremendous amount of the buying IT budget moving out from underneath  IT those two things alone significantly will impact the way providers need to think about selling in the future.

Key mantra: 

You’ve got to use the right sales model and be in the right channel and pitch to the right customer. Only then you could say you’ve got it right.

Twitter handle: @Tiffani_Bova

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Sales Influencer Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath, the author of 4 best-selling books, is considered a B2B sales guru. An industry veteran and known as one of the most disciplined female influencers, Jill emphasizes on productivity.

Companies Jill has associated with: Jill

Why she’s big deal:

In addition to being the author of More Sales Less Time, Jill is on popular the lecture circuit. What’s interesting is Jill keenly studies the science part of our brain to better understand productivity. For example, she says you’ve got to be careful of the routines you get yourself into. That’s because our brains, over centuries, have evolved to use routines to conserve energy – like jumping in an instant if you saw a sabre-toothed tiger.

Super Quote:

It was clear that I was my worst enemy and I was killing my own productivity by dumb things. By interruptions, you lose 2.1 hours per day. Look at your own day. So your workday becomes 10 hours instead of 8 – just because of these interruptions.

Key mantra:

Stay productive at sales by protecting your time. If someone says she needs to talk to you for a second, ask yourself if it’s urgent or it can wait.

Twitter handle: @jillkonrath

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Sales Influencer Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is a thought leader in all forms of sales prospecting. From phone to social to web, she brings her unbeatable tactics. Trish appears on many lists of female influencers.

Companies Tiffany has associated with: The Bridge Group

Why she’s big deal: 

While a top female influencer in sales herself, she remains modest and keeps learning subtle things from stalwarts. For instance, she said when she listens to people like Gary V or Simon she always asks herself if she’s being creative enough, if she’s thinking big enough, whether she’s using all the marketing tools available and all that.

Super Quote:

The three things super-successful guys teach us. One: Learn your craft by reading, networking, studying. Two: Know as much about your buyers industry as possible, what they read, what conferences they go to and so on.  Three: Immerse yourself in a day of buyers to know what challenges they are facing.

Key mantra:  You can’t just show up every day and think you’re going to be a hero. You’ve got to keep learning – that’s how star performers work.

Twitter handle: @bridgegroupinc

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Sales Influencer Heather R Morgan

Heather R Morgan has a unique forte: cold emails. Known as one of the few female influencers who don’t mince words, Heather has made available her methods on email marketing in her course on her site.

Companies Heather has associated with: Salesfolk

Why she’s big deal:

Heather brings a unique background to sales: she’s an economist by training. She started her sales career with a tech company, using mass, cold-call emails. Which is what got her into what she’s an expert at today – high response rates with cold emails. The best part is she clearly says there can never be one single magic template for cold emails. In other words, we’ve got to find our own sweet-spots through research and testing.

Super Quote:

Write cold emails like you’d write to a new friend you met at a conference or a business dinner. Learn more about them, research them by what I call e-stalking: like LinkedIn Twitter job forums anything and everything. Just parse the crap out of their profiles and learn what kind of person they are.

Key mantra: 

Heather not only emphasizes creating a buyer persona but also shows us how to do it. That makes her a truly action-biased guru.

Twitter handle: @HeatherReyhan

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Sales Influencer Jill Rowley

As the Chief Growth Officer at Marketo, Jill Rowley works towards getting the best out of the engagement economy. Additionally, she works with Vista Equity Partners, one of the few female influencers who can boast of such variety.

Companies Jill has associated with: Marketo

Why she’s big deal:

Jill recommends staying heavily invested in your customers. She observes that your best salespersons are not the one on your payroll; your best sales team is your customers who are getting value from you. And this value, Jill explains, makes your customers willing to advocate for you free, all the time, everywhere.

Super Quote:

To be interesting, you must be interested in something other than yourself.  You don’t want to lead with you your company your product you want to lead people to you your company your product. The way that you attract people is by having it be about them and not about you. It’s really important from a content perspective too.

Key mantra: 

Rather than treat customers as someone who buys from you, treat them as someone who, on getting value from you, will help you reach out to more people, more customers.

Twitter handle: @jill_rowley

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So this was our list of top female influencers, especially top female influencers in tech sales. Any list is bound to miss some good names. Which ones do you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.


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